JUMBO WILD highlights the tension between the protection of wilderness and ever-increasing development interests in wild places, bringing to life the passionate fight to protect British Columbia’s iconic Jumbo Valley.



"The balanced portrayal of strongly held and divergent viewpoints will grip your intellect and your emotions — a pinnacle of environmental reporting."
Stephen Cunha, Professor of Geography, Humboldt State University

"JUMBO WILD transports you...to the cathedral heights and purity of the Canadian Rockies. Destined to win awards, this film educates the audience powerfully and fairly about a threat to wilderness. It provides perspectives from the natives, the newcomers, and nature's ways, eliciting the viewer's involvement in protecting mountain beauty for future generations."
Randy Hayes, Founder of Rainforest Action Network, Director of Foundation Earth

"A wonderful film for opening a discussion on how our personal values intersect with how we treat our planet."
Joan Maloof, Executive Director, Old-Growth Forest Network, Professor Emeritus of Biological Sciences, Salisbury University


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"A thoughtful and provocative film."
Zoe Loftus-Farren,
Earth Island Journal